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CTIF Training of Judges
10/24/2014 – 26/10/2014
Linz / Austria

Additions to the Competition Rules 7th Edition 2012;
concerning International Regulations issued in German language

To 1.8.2. Points of failure "wrong work"

  • If the numbers 2 and 3 and / or numbers 4 and 5, neither of the two signals on the bulkhead trigger, then the "wrong work" (each 10 penalty points) each number to give.

To 1.8.2. Points of failure "wrong work"

  • The touch, the "red spray bar" at the 63 meter mark, and touching the ground as this bar prohibited before and / or during the injection process. It is to be evaluated with the "wrong work" (each 10 penalty points).

To 1.1.3. paragraph 5

  • The equipment tray (2m x 0,5m x 0.03 m) for equipment and fixtures located on the left edge of the web between 67m and 69m.