Participants of XX. International Youth Fire Brigade Meeting will be accommodated at the Campus of the University in Opole.

The players and trainers will be hosted in dormitory "Kmiecic" located at Grunwald street 31.

Dormitory "Kmicic" is a very modern building with 240 rooms able to contain 575 students and posseses 20 additional beds in the guest rooms.

All participants will be accommodated in rooms for 2-3 people, four rooms build one module with its own bathroom.

Each room is equipped with: beds, tables, chairs, hanging shelves, wardrobe, refrigerator and Internet outlet. In each of the dorms, you can also use the wireless Internet in the halls of the building.

The judges, organizers, drivers and others will be accommodated in the dorm "Niechcic" which is located at . Katowice street 87b.

Dormitory "Niechcic 'is the most modern in the country. The facility was inaugurated in 2004, and has in total 453 beds including 13 guest rooms.

At eleven floors there are modules (9 on each floor), two-rooms with kitchen and bathroom each. Rooms are for 2 or 3 people. The exception is the first floor fully adapted for the disabled, where there are rooms for two people, and a bathroom with specially adapted toilets, showers and washbasins Dormitory enables students to use the Internet, as each room has a possibility to connect to the network.

On 11 floors there are two classrooms and 6 guest rooms. The ground floor is mainly used for the administrative purpouse, there is also a bar and lounge, where students organize many events.

Each floor has a laundry with dryer and garbage chute. Thanks to the height of the building visitors may admire stunning views of the city skyline.. On the 12th floor there are rooms dedicated to the observatory and a classroom for students.

Opole University Campus

Within the campus, there are 4 dormitories: Niechcic, Kmicic, Spójnik and Mrowisko and a multipurpose sports field, which will be available for the participants.

Additionally our visitors will have the Student Cultural Centre at their disposal where:

  • registration of participants will be held and meetings with delegation leaders
  • administration offices of the competition are placed
  • and rooms where other events, like discos, will take place.